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take a look at how much will pay this morning. >>the temperatures are down this morning as well. >>take a look at some of the numbers. we are talking about mid to upper '30's. these are not even the coldest numbers because they will continue to drop. we do have 40 degrees in san rosa. up a 34 vallejo and concord. it is a chilly start for your morning as we take a look at what is on tap for the rest of the day. it is clear but cool. we will continue with slight warming conditions into tomorrow. there is that potential for what weather as we head into the latter part of the week. >>here is a live look as we continue our coverage of the cold weather. this is not a san rafael. this is a
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firsthand account of the chilly conditions. >>it is basically at 38 to 39 degrees. for the last two hours i did it is time to officially put away the shorts and a short sleeves shirts. you have the bus vouchers cars and gloves. i was a little bit north of here this morning and it was actually down to 34 degrees. we were approaching freezing temperatures but not quite there. as we get closer to sunrise--we will probably see temperatures go down a little bit more >>bundle of because it is chilly outside. >>let's see how the traffic is shaping up.
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>>this is a holiday for so many. the committee should be light and easy. here is the san mateo bridge. there is no backups or delays here. a quick commute check showed you that on interstate 580 there is a much traffic here either. there will be some song between all mines and the 2 05 interchange. >>gas prices keep dropping. let's take a look at the average. the state averages $3.85. >>this is the state average of this jail station $3.85. it is amazing to how we think this is a bargain compared to last month. it was 75¢ cheaper. across the
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street if you want to shop and go look it further is that $3.75. this places a lot busier than shale across the street. take a look at this screen. if you are waking up in san francisco the average price is $3.98. in oakland it is $3.84. in san jose is $3.81. these gas prices will continue to drop before thanksgiving. there are more refineries back online and their maintenance. is done and they are working at full production. they're now using the winter blin gas and it is a lot cheaper to use. the biggest reason is becaus sombecause the summer
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driving season is over. there is less demand now. >>where is your coat? >>my coat is in the car and i will step back in there. i am not rambo or commando i am not trying to be soft but i can't stand the weather for a little bit. i will go back in the car to get warm. >>other news for you. at one alarm fire broke out in the house in redwood city. this is a area that we're talking about. this fire was called after 1:30 a.m. this morning. in this video there is in damage and quite a bit of it. the fire crews are still on the same mantra for hot spots. there are no injuries reported and they're still looking into the reason for the fire. >>the 49 is taking on the
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st. louis rams. they ended the game in a tie. the score was 24 to 24. the forty- niners last i was back in 1986 against atlanta falcons. everybody is talking about alex smith. he took a big hit to the back of his head door the game. he winds of leaving the game with blurry vision and a concussion. even though the pop right up and kept playing before half time he left. he is questionable now for the bid monday night match against the chicago bears. the chicago bears quarterback was also bought out the game last night and he also has a concussion. it will be interesting to see whether not the both played. >>the golden state warriors. the lakers have a new coach. despite being loaded with
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coal we bryant, steve nash and the white howard. mike and tony will now be their new coach. there was too much control that he wanted so he would not become a bag. kobe stated that he loves him and--they beat up on the golden state warriors 101 to 79. >>will talk to gary radnich about this. >>sources revealed to the new york times that the top fbi officials were aware of the investigation and his relationship with paula. they stated that they know about this as early as the summertime. they're stating that threat minimills'% and she is a close friend to the
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retired general. he stepped down days before he was supposed to testify. >>the federal government will be closed today for veterans day and most state and local offices will be closed as well. the closures are. the dmv has core down, courthouses, banks and the postal offices. city's was also switched their public transportation schedule. schools are not required to close but you should check with your child's school to make sure they have the day off. >>we will be right back with more on veterans day. with a live look outside. this is a shot of the sky in san francisco.
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>>we are waiting for the opening bell on wall street. the dow closed up on friday but up by only four points. the dow and ask that are down by 2 percent since last week. investors are concerned about the fiscal cliff. they stated that these cuts will automatically kick in if congress does not act. to >>this can save greece from
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bankruptcy but there are some disagreements. >>manufacturers' reports are also waiting to come out. retailers like a target, wal-mart and home depot. >>tours are russ is joining stores who will be open for black friday. that will open their store up on thursday. all of the stores are changing to actual banks giving day. it will open at 8:00 p.m. on banks given day. the deals will start with more than 200 door busters at toys r us. >>wal-mart is opening also at 8:00 p.m.. sears was also roll out their holiday deals. on november 18th they
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are going there's five days earlier than usual. >>the number international students who are eroding u.s. colleges are-session the reverse the u.s. students studying abroad continues to increase but at a slower rate. it rose about 1.3%. american students are not developing the skills needed to advance in the global world. they're calling on educators to step up to sing more students abroad. >>the approach to the bay students abroad. >>the approach to the bay bridg ;x
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>>the cooler temperatures and the rain reduced the wild fire dangers in the area. >>let's get the latest on the weather. it is awfully cold. >>the coldest spot is for the north bay and the inland valley. we are chilly almost everywhere. the temperatures
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are in the '40's is not been there in the upper thirties. we do have some clout in the background but clear conditions. it will be relatively cool and to the afternoon. will see sunshine and you can expect it to be a few degrees warmer than what we saw this weekend. it the temperatures were 90 degrees. it will be a cold afternoon. here is a look at the numbers. if you are heading to work or school stay under the blanket. we're talking about 37 degrees for nevada. mid '30's for pleasanton. it is 39 degrees for san mateo. redwood city is coming in at 43 degrees. futurecast 4 says that by 3:00 p.m. it will be 60 degrees. that would not last for long as
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we head into later on tonight. at 8:00 p.m. it will be 57 some spots. a look at your afternoon highs it will be low to mid 60's. san rafael will be as 61 degrees 63 degrees is expected for hayward. satellite and radar is keeping an eye on the bigger weather story. this system would drive down from the pacific northwest. you can see that it is breaking apart over parts of northern california. this is something that we are not really concern ourselves with. it just will be a stray showers for communities north of that. the rest of the bay area will be cool. your 7 day around the bay forecast shows that there will be a chance for light rain. saturday night and sunday and another storm system will push its way through.
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we may see heavy rain at times and gusty conditions. this system may affect us as we start the next work with. this is something that will keep an eye on for you. >>it is a pretty good ride around the bay. the veterans day holiday is i observed to date. there are a lot of businesses and offices that are close. the state and federal offices are closed. it is light than usual traffic here. they have not activated the metering lights yet. these are just delays for cash customers. the carpoolers are getting through without delay. on highway 92 there were not usual construction delays and you kron would not see them this morning. we have been monitoring this bridge closely and maybe we have
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seen the conditions in. >>there is no the lead someone once south bond. the only slowing is on interstate 580 and there is a little of it through dublin. it is lighter than usual and alyss and your peninsa ride looks fine. >>an early morning accident over on the east shore freeway to concord. a man fell 25 ft.. this was just after midnight. investigators stated that his car was traveling west brown would win over overpass and crashed through a real and then fell 25 ft. and it flipped upside down. here's a picture coming through. the fire department were able to get them out of the car and they only suffered minor
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injuries. police air still try to fit rock cause a crash. >>it is 6:19 a.m. and we are showing you a candlelight vigil in memory of a 19 year-old who was killed at this abandoned building in hayward. police found the body inside and it was a empty car repair shop. his family once the justice and it was the killer found. they're asking anybody in the community with information to come for. >>he was a good guy and he had no enemies. we're so shocked that this happened to him. he was so loved. he had kids and a girlfriend. >>he was last they live in his house on october 21st and his pfather reported him missing. they are still treating this as a mudder. >>a neighbor help police to prevent a burglar from
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happening. she saw three teenagers jumped a fence and go into our house. the neighbor called the police and the police showed up and so on the house. they heard noises inside and they saw the two screens were torn off the windows. all the teenagers with stolen jury on them and they arrested them. >>santa rosa police will be stepping up enforcement are round farmers blame. officers will be monitoring this locations starting today and they will stay with this through sunday. they're looking for people who are violating laws light running red lights using cell phones and driving with the lane markers. oakland will host a free information clinic for residents who need it information concerning for closures. it will have people from banks who will help with
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modifications. they want to help residents who are facing foreclosure. they do have litigation programs where they can reset their mortgages. this event will run from 10 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.. this will be at the oakland marriott convention center. >>a memorial will be hailed for a man was killed in a plane crash. they are setting of this memorial for november 17th at that airport and--he and this sentiment was killed on october 21st. their plane crashed in a farm field and they're still investigating the cause of this crash. >>it is an attempt to relieve some of overcrowding. the state department of corrections will review more than 9000 outstanding warrants for parolees. that will star
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with parolees who were convicted of non-violent crimes. they want to determine whether not going after them will be a part of going for justice. they stated that this will we out < urgent cases and their resources can focus on the more dangerous parolees. >>it is 623 at this time and we will return. take a live look ed auer light morning commute at the golden gate bridge. we will be right back.
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>> investors running scared last week with the dow dropping over 400 points to combined for wednesday and thursday. we were up four on friday and we're at 32. we have a crescent in at argentinian agricultural company on the mat. it could be and early start to positive trading. will bring you the numbers on wall street throughout the morning. >> speaking of 32 is about 32 degrees this morning. but jackie sissel is live in san rafael and people are definitely go up. >> yes people are bundled up and going to get a nice warm cup of coffee. is probably one of the coal is more easily have seen so far this season. the temperatures at 39 degrees i think that the thermometer may be stuck it's been that way for about
6:31 am
two hours now. it still has not gone down by continued north of here and a little lovation that the temperature is about 34 degrees. right around freezing level. i'm in downtown san rafael and it is not too bad right now. not a whisper of went out here. it is dry and that is great news but it is cold so grab your scarf and probably some gloves before you come out the door. >> that is good advice because first have to find it. storage like the attic or a boxer something. >> temperatures could be in the '70s once again by the middle of this week. it certainly is a chilly start to the morning. the good news is the wind is really not a factor. the wind is practically nonexistent said temperatures are in the 30's and 40's but later on today we will see signs of high
6:32 am
clouds and temperatures reaching out into the 60s. tonight partly cloudy conditions with temperatures back into the 50s and high forties and warmer conditions as we head into tomorrow. we could d.c. '70s by wednesday and rain on thursday but i will give you all the details in the full forecast coming up in just a bit. >> traffic around the bay area at the there're no delays at the bay bridge toll plaza. the 580 westbound is the only son we have observed so far. >> 632 a m. this 7 cisco police have made a third arrest in the destruction of the muni bus. police said adam be as into custody on friday. he was both on suspicion of vandalism and damaging. both which are felonies. he was caught on tape smashing the side windows of the boss. two
6:33 am
other people have been arrested as police continued to look for more suspects. >> until a deal is actually reached the employees will continue with their strike without getting paid for it. there trying to reach a deal mainly on health care and retirement benefits. >> i am not going to go back to work until the saddle at the support my team members. also myself. >> several customers are also honoring the picket line and not shopping at those stores until this is resolved. >> leaders in washington tried to figure out who did what and when regarding david patras is certain departure from the cia. they are also trying to determine what happens next. paul brown well is a married
6:34 am
mother of two and they say that the cia was investigator for sending harassing letters to a woman who is close to patras. they said they should not about the probe now and she plans to investigate the fbi. >> this is something that could have had an effect on national security. i think we should have been told. >> a spokesperson for the house majority leader erich kantor says that kantor talked to the fbi last month about the generals a fair. >> more than 100,000 people in the year in new jersey are still waking up up without power this morning. more than two weeks after super storm san be ripped through the east coast. they aren't coping with freezing temperatures of their way for the power to come back on. more than 8 million people lost power when sandy first struck followed by
6:35 am
the northeastern that they got after that. >> the victims of the nor'easter and 70 are now getting a helping hand from those who were in hurricane katrina. they travel all laid to s.i. and volunteers as were asked by the media out why. they said they came to help us in the wake of katrina and now it's our turn to repay the favor. they fed the people as well as the first responders affected by the storm jambalaya and such. >> a lot of the people i can help us were new york firefighters. they help desk and they did things so we get the an opportunity to come out we got up here and start to cut the jambalaya. >> this storm is disposal for at least a hundred and 13 deaths. >> so many questions about what causes autism in children and doctors are
6:36 am
finding in the possible link. a new study coming out this morning finds that women who had the flu while they were pregnant or twice as likely to have the child later diagnosed with optimism. those who had a fever that lasted a week or longer while there were present were three times as likely to have a child diagnosed with off to as a it affects one in every 88 children. >> we have more free ahead in this morning where monetary temperatures were in his chilly everywhere. the sun is coming up and it looks nice on the james lick and the freeways are quiet so far so good. we will be right back. ñ
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>> 60 9:00 a.m. and two people are dead and dozens are displaced as
6:40 am
investigators continued to investigate the cause of the explosion that level to at least two homes in an indianapolis neighborhood. fire officials say they do not know what caused the explosion that happened around 11:00 p.m. on saturday. is obliterated. the damage is estimated to be $3.6 million. residents say the explosion has created a lot of fear are wrong families there. >> are to year-old as a scared is. >> officials of not release the identities of the people that were killed but we do know that a candlelight vigil was held saturday night for a teacher and her has been. -- has beusband >> according to a new report
6:41 am
from the international agency america's rise to the stop is accredited by a new resurgence and oil and gas production. also that new vehicles are so fuel efficient. we will be back in a couple of minutes. here is a live look at sam francisco.
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>> watching wall street in the dow was up 18. the dow lost over 400 points last week. news from blackberry research in motion they are launching not the blackberry 10 smart phone january 30th a. this will come as the company struggles to hold onto remaining customers it has left who have been
6:45 am
abandoning blackberries for last year's i phones. it is fairly redesigned for the touch screen. it is expected to be released shortly after a physical keyboard version. researchers have been trying to get the software out for years. research in most of the stock four years ago was the 144 share and now it is just under $9 a share. -- $144 a share >> then made me get off of my blackberry and now he is saying he is moving on to his samsung. >> he is a leader and i follow. >> do not forget today is veterans day. >> it is a cold one and also a day that you can't go to
6:46 am
government offices. but the post office the m. v. are all closed today. probably your kid's school you have off today for the observance of veterans day. (...) even though we a scene traffic is nice to light it is so cold out there. we are life and san rafael >> some locations are hovering right around the freezing mark. it is a very chilly start to the morning. the air is relatively crisp but for the right to up when you step outside this morning. no problem fog as we take it to the golden gate and check out those numbers. 38 in santa rosa that there these for pleasanton and our east bay in north bay ballets are
6:47 am
really cold that in the '30's. 44 for richmond 44 for redwood city. we'll take a look at where the temperatures go for the afternoon future cast for putting it into motion the green on your screen and a case where we will see the 60s. it will not last long and we will be back into the fifties by 8:00 p.m.. as we break down your afternoon highs neighborhood by neighborhood a little warmer compared to this weekend. mostly sunny skies with high clouds and a little bit of a warming trend into the middle of the week. today fremont 6466 for santa clara the east bay we're talking low 60s for fare fell concord 64 in danville and 63 castro valley. we have some moisture to our north. white sprinkles for
6:48 am
center rows of but the bay area remains drive. wednesday is to the church declined to the low '70's. thursday morning when a crowd clouds and you may see some light rain for some of the bay area. we are tracking system that could bring in rain and gusty winds to the bay area. 640 a m and we are on to traffic. >> if we're not traffic in the hot spots or anything slowly up the bay area. the bridge check at the toll plaza for the san francisco oakland bay bridge we have light traffic in both directions but especially here in the west of commute side. the san the sale
6:49 am
bridge it is the delay free 11 minutes in both directions. the golden gate may open a third northbound lane over earlier than usual today. the south bay. and see the ride: northbound up to the guadalupe parkway is almost always a slow spot things began to back out of that is not the case today. >> is on veterans day one and always better in is on your deadline today. who was he or she and look what you remember about them? here's what some of your san this morning. my father rose one out of the third. he served in vietnam was in the u.s. marine corps. the first when they came to mind was a family friend she wrote in. his name was ready and he flew a plane in the korean war. he came back and
6:50 am
survived all that. my husband stephen lewis carroll serve the navy as a seal and as a master chief. he began his service in vietnam ended three to worse. he went into the pows out and also served in the gulf wars. he is the embodiment of duty and honor that canadian steel than him. dinosaur facebook page facebook groundout for >> we're talking raiders and diners at a big fight in nascar. we'll start with the niners in candlestick park yesterday. taken on the rams and the outcome expected, a tie. alex smith made it has 38th straight start. he takes off down the field but its levels at the back of the house met and neck area by late john dunbar. it looks like he
6:51 am
just hit him with his helmet but no penalty was called there. sustained in the game for a while and in the second quarter with a short pass to crabtree. he doesn't for the touchdown that was 47 g of fat point. smith complained of blurry vision and was diagnosed with a concussion. 7 yd touchdown run midway through the fourth, barely getting in and. there up 2421 when david acres tied the game of the 33 yd field goal. but 2 of overtime and akers missed a field goal. we had another missed field goal in the overtime period as well from st. louis. the game ended in a tie. most people forget nfl games could end in a tie and it was the first one and more than four years. with that side niners are still
6:52 am
in the lead in the nfc west right now. no one is happy with that side. niners are six to add one in the season. some of the big question as well access be able to play to and monday night football. he has a concussion and the bears' quarterback j. cutler also has a quarterback. he left the game last night with that had hit. with that we may have backup quarterbacks for the monday night games with the court would be nine hours taking on the bears. the raiders a the ravens in the second quarter was 23 baltimore. there is hayward base on and gives the tackle. 368 yds 2 touchdowns and interceptions. the raiders left lost 55 to 20. san the most points allowed in the game as a franchise to rest record sphere fears
6:53 am
they are three is six of the season. for jeff gordon felt he was robbed and this hint of the cancer death with nascar. were delayed on voyeur and then retaliates with by spending it out. he also had joined the battle in the process. gordon it acted as car and pit row and of lawyers cargoes after 40 and and there is not all out brawl. for a big fight in nascar. more with gary radnich and the avicenna's 45 this morning. we'll be back as kron4 news continues.
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at another time is 656 a m at and it looks like it may
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warm-up a little bit by the in midweek but this morning is very cold on this veterans day. enjoy the temperatures that will only reach 64 today. we will warm-up lead weekend in the week and looks like there's a chance of rain coming back and. >> coming up on the kron4 news at 78 am this is a chilly morning across the bay. we will show you how chilly it is across the bay this morning. what happened with the cia agent to be trans and walk away? concussion is the word of the day in football. we'll talk about that more gary radnich. we will be back.
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